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PQIA Examines Three More ATF Samples and Issues an Advisory on One

PQIA examines three more Automatic Transmission Fluids and issues an advisory on one: Xcel Type A. Advisory: The front label on Xcel Type A states “Type A Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid”, and the back label states “Type A Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid,” and “A quality Automatic Transmission Fluid recommended for use when Dexron, Mercon, and Ford fluids are not… Read More ›

PQIA Examines Four Motor Oil Samples, One Raised Eyebrows

Motor oils recently examined by the Petroleum Quality Institute of America include three brands of SAE 5W-30 grades (Circle K, Quantum X-5, RPMaximum) and XCEL SAE 10W-40. The XCEL product tested raised eyebrows. And the reason it does is because the label on the XCEL product claims that this is a multigrade 10W-40 motor oil… Read More ›