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PQIA Issues Two Consumer Alerts on ATF

PQIA examines five samples of automatic transmission fluid purchased in the Midwest market. While the results of the tests conducted on three of the samples meet the requirements for their labeled claims, PQIA issues Consumer Alerts/Don’t Buys on two. The two samples are branded under names all too familiar to PQIA. One is the Everclear… Read More ›

PQIA Examines Four Motor Oils from Midwest

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America issues four Consumer Alerts on motor oils purchased in the Midwest. The four motor oils shown below will likely cause harm to your engine. Consumers are cautioned to not use these products and contact PQIA if you see them on the shelves. PQIA can be contacted at 732-201-4033, or… Read More ›


PQIA recently visited a number of convenience stores in Chicago to take a look at the motor oils on the shelves. ¬†Whereas we have many to report on, the quality of three are of such high concern that PQIA felt it was important to immediately advise consumers to not buy these products. They will cause… Read More ›