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Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Store Motor Oil

We expect the motor oils we purchase for our cars to protect our engines from wear, sludge, and rust, and indeed most of the oils on retail shelves do so quite well.  But there are some products out there that will not only fail to protect your engine; instead they will actually damage it!  And… Read More ›

Alarms Should Go Off When You Read “Top-Off” on an Oil Bottle

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America advises consumers to be cautious of motor oil and transmission fluids labeled or sold as “top off” oil. PQIA is seeing an increase in the number of poor quality motor oils and transmission fluids in the marketplace with labels describing the products as “top off oil. The term “top… Read More ›

Room for Improvement

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America Encourages Responsible Labeling of Motor Oils and Says There is Clearly Room for Improvement. An area where PQIA sees considerable room for improvement is with motor oils only meeting obsolete API specifications (SA, SB, SC, SD, SE). Whereas there are certain applications where these products are appropriate, they generally… Read More ›

Get These Bad Bottles Off the Shelves!

Whereas most private label lubricant brands on the shelves are typically quality products that meet the most recent specifications and often provide consumers with lower price alternatives to major brands, PQIA has found some that give the industry a bad name. This is because these bad bottles in the business can cause damage to engines… Read More ›