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Results in on Four ATFs…

The results of the tests conducted on the most recent samples of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) check out fine. The samples are consistent with their labeled claims.  

Five 5W-20s and They All Look Good

The results of the tests conducted on the five samples of SAE 5W-20 shown below meet the SAE J300 specifications a SAE 5W-20 viscosity grade and are consistent with the API Service Categories shown on the labels. CLICK BOTTLES FOR DETAILS      

Four More From Chicago – Three Good, One Bad

Whereas PQIA’s recent round of sampling in the Chicago market found a number of motor oils that looked good (and there are more to report on), we also found another bad apple on the shelves. And that bad apple is Everclear.          DON’T BUY The Everclear motor oil brand is not new… Read More ›