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Results in on Four API CK-4 Diesel Engine Oils

April 24, 2017

The results are in on the first four samples of diesel engine oil PQIA observed in the market labeled with the new API CK-4 performance specification. Each of the samples examined meet the SAE J300 specification for an SAE 15W-40 along with the phosphorus and Noack volatility requirements needed to meet the new API CK-4… Read More ›

PQIA Enhances Website to Include User Friendly Search and Sort Features

Visitors to the PQIA website can now search and sort PQIA’s sample database by brand, date of sample, SAE viscosity grade, API Service Category, and the PQIA Sample Assessments. The search feature also provides a direct link to the analysis reports for each of the samples tested by PQIA. The following is a Quick Start… Read More ›

Five 0W-20s and They All Look Good

The results of the tests conducted on the five samples of SAE 0W-20 shown below meet the SAE J300 specifications a SAE 0W-20 viscosity grade and are consistent with the  API Service Categories shown on the labels. CLICK BOTTLES FOR DETAILS Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy STP SYN Full Synthetic Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic Valvoline… Read More ›

A Look at the 0W-20s Examined by PQIA in 2014 to 2017(YTD)

Although SAE 5W-30 accounts for the majority of the passenger car motor oil (PCMO) consumed in the US, demand for the grade continues to decline as some of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) shift to lower viscosity grade PCMOs in an effort to improve fuel economy. The biggest beneficiary of the shift is SAE… Read More ›

Next Up: CK-4 and FA-4 Diesel Engine Oils

The PQIA has received a significant number of inquiries from readers asking if and when PQIA will take a look at the new CK-4 and FA-4 diesel engine oils. The answer is “yes” we will be looking at both as they enter the market and PQIA already has samples in the laboratory for testing. Results… Read More ›

PQIA Examines Five Brands of ATF, One Has Issues

The PQIA Examines Five Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Brands and Issues an Advisory on One The results of the tests conducted on samples of MidWest Guard, NaviGuard, SuperS Custom Plus, and Vantage shown below meet the requirements for DEXRON III/MERCON. The sample of PolyGuard tested does not meet the specification for a Type A transmission… Read More ›

PQIA Examines Four More Motor Oil Samples, All Check Out Fine

The results of the tests conducted on the samples below meet the SAE J300 specifications for the SAE Viscosity Grade listed on their product label, and are consistent with their listed API Service Categories. CLICK BOTTLES FOR DETAILS CarQuest   Navi Guard Ultra Navi Guard Elite  CITGO Supergard   Enhanced Sample Reports PQIA is pleased to… Read More ›

The PQIA Examines Five Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Brands and Issues an Advisory on One

Advisory: The MORGAS ATF D/M label states that the product is suitable for use in transmissions where DEXRON® III or MERCON® is specified.  PQIA’s test results for this sample do not meet the DEXRON III and MERCON specification for Flash Point and Kinematic Viscosity at 100ºC. CLICK FOR DETAILS  Note: This is not the first time PQIA has found issues… Read More ›

PQIA Examines Five Samples of 5W-20; Issues One Consumer Alert, One Advisory

MORGAS SAE 5W-20 The results of the tests conducted on this sample do NOT meet the SAE J300 specifications for the SAE Viscosity Grade listed on the product label, and are NOT consistent with the listed API Service Category. The Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C is 14% lower than the minimum viscosity specification for this SAE… Read More ›

Five More Samples From the Midwest-Consumer Alert Issued on One

PQIA examines five more motor oil samples purchased in the midwest and issues a Consumer Alert on one and an Advisory on another. Cautions consumer not to Buy SUPER XXX Platinum 10W30.  Consumer Alert: A Consumer Alert is issued on SUPER XXX Platinum “10W30 API SM/GF-3” manufactured by Chi-Town Lubricants located in Dolton, IL. The results… Read More ›