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A Look at Five More Antifreeze/Coolants

June 19, 2017

The results of the tests conducted on these samples are consistent with their labeled claims.

PQIA Issues Consumer Alerts on Two AntiFreeze/Coolant Samples

Two of the five coolant/antifreeze samples recently examined by PQIA fail to meet their label claims for freeze point protection. Polar Zone: Test results on the sample of Polar Zone examined has a freeze point of -2.2°F. This freeze point is above the labeled claim stating “Protects to -20°F,” and well above the industry standard… Read More ›

PQIA Examines Four More Antifreeze/Coolant Samples

The results of the tests conducted on these samples are consistent with their labeled claims. CLICK BOTTLES FOR DETAILS  Polar LONGLIFE Shell Rotella Ultra ELC  Signature Home SMB

Four More Samples of Antifreeze/Coolants

Four more samples of Antifreeze/Coolant tested, one has issues, another underscores the importance of reading the labels   Of the four antifreeze/coolants tested, one product (SuperS Antifreeze Summer Coolant 50/50 Prediluted) has an issue in that it does not meet its labeled claim. The freeze point of the product tested is -25°F. This is higher… Read More ›

PQIA Takes a Look at 5 More Antifreeze/Coolant Brands. One Raises Eyebrows

The PQIA ran five more brands of antifreeze through the laboratory. Although four checked out fine, one has issues. Whereas the one with issues meets its freeze point protection claim, the test results  on the sample are not consistent with a new coolant based on the standard specifications stated in ASTM D-3306 and ASTM D-4985…. Read More ›

Results in on Seven Coolant/Antifreeze Samples

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America recently took a look at seven coolant/antifreeze products on retail shelves. Whereas four checked out fine, there are concerns with three. CLICK BOTTLES BELOW FOR TEST RESULTS and PQIA ASSESSMENTS. Click Here to View the Antifreeze/Coolants Tested in 2015