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Four OEM Motor Oils Tested

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America tested four “Genuine” motor oil brands. The results of the tests conducted on samples of the brands meet the SAE J300 specifications for the SAE Viscosity Grade listed on the product label, and are consistent with the listed API Service Categories.


ACDelco0W20FrontThumb  Toyota0W20FrontThumb BMW5W30FrontThumb Mercedes5W40FrontThumb

Genuine motor oils are those that bear the original equipment manufacturers (OEM)/car maker’s logo.  Although genuine motor oils are not typically made by the OEM, they are most commonly tested and approved by the OEM.


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  1. Hi,I have question regarding motor oil for my 2006 Suzuki bike,owner manual not recommended api energy conserving,how about resources conserving .Are these two are same?
    Sincerely Peter kan

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