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Missouri Orders 303 Tractor Hydraulic Fluids Out of the State

The State of Missouri Department of Agriculture Weights, Measures & Consumer Protection Division ordered that effective immediately Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF) labeled only as “303” can no longer be sold in the state, and the reason why is clear.

THF303Pic11172017The John Deere (JD) 303 designation is 57 years old and has been obsolete for 43 years. In addition, there are no specifications available for 303 THF, and as such products making only “303” claims cannot be tested to assure compliance with any known specifications. Because of this, in the interest of protecting consumers, the State of Missouri ordered that “303” THF cannot be sold in the state.

Missouri’s banning the sale of “303” THF will have a significant impact due to the proliferation of 303 fluids in the market. These fluids are typically sold as low cost THFs and account for a very significant share of total THF sales. In fact, in some markets they are the leading type sold. Further, they are produced and sold by many lubricant manufacturers, marketers and retailers in the US and some have already received Stop Sale orders from the State of Missouri Department of Agriculture Weights, Measures & Consumer Protection Division.

Although not necessarily a shot heard around the world, the actions taken by the state of Missouri will most certainly send a clear message to marketers, retailers and farmers in other states. Because whereas the State of Missouri is the first to ban the sale of 303 THF, chances are others will follow.

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  1. We have used 303 oil in our equipment for 40 years . We have a 1989 JCB 1400 B with 4000 plus hrs still works it has 303 in it.

  2. If 303can’t be sold in Missouri then ship it to neighboring states and we can buy it there. Missouri can forget the sales benefit. GREAT MARKETING.

  3. BG 334H is your best bet.

  4. THF 303 has worked in all of our machinery period Hydraulic oil is lost more frequently than changed and an expensive THF is never in the machine long enough to make a difference.Banning 303 only serves to enrich the largest companies at the farmers and ranchers expense

  5. Like always some greedy politician is getting his pockets filled or maybe some greedy ceo feels threatened buy a less expensive product . which works fine !!! Always the same story greed has no limits IE competiton see’s a threat and then squashes it weight’s and mean’s commission reason for banning this oil ,,, at best was vague …general,, mixed with a lot of real hot AIR and 200% of palm greasing !! No doubt in my mind

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