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Two More Bad Apples!

img45In the day following the PQIA Lubricant Quality Summit on September 14th, PQIA stopped by several convenience stores located within a few blocks of the hotel where the Summit reception was held. To our disappointment, we found two products on the shelves that immediately raised concern due to labeling issues. And now that the test results are in, it’s clear that in addition to what’s on the labels being a concern, most concerning is what’s in the bottles. Consumers are advised that use of these product in virtually all automobiles currently on the road will likely cause harm to the engine.


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On another note, without response, PQIA extended an invitation to Ohio’s Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures to attend the PQIA Summit and talk about the issues. We have and will continue to reach out to the state of Ohio about what can be done to protect consumers from off-spec, improperly labeled products sold in the state. We remain hopeful that they will take action.

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