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PQIA Examines Five Brands of ATF, One Has Issues

The PQIA Examines Five Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Brands and Issues an Advisory on One

The results of the tests conducted on samples of MidWest Guard, NaviGuard, SuperS Custom Plus, and Vantage shown below meet the requirements for DEXRON III/MERCON.

The sample of PolyGuard tested does not meet the specification for a Type A transmission fluid, as the product is labelled. In addition, Type A Automatic Transmission Fluid is obsolete and not suitable for use in automatic transmissions manufactured after 1957. The label on this product does not provide any warning to consumers about this limited use.


midwestguardatfdmfrontfinished naviguardatfdmfrontfinished superscustomplusatfdmfrontfinished vantagemultipurposeatffrontfinished polyguardatftypeafrontfinished
MidWest Guard Navi Guard SuperS
Custom Plus
Vantage  PolyGuard
Type A

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