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PQIA Issues Two Consumer Alerts on ATF

PQIA examines five samples of automatic transmission fluid purchased in the Midwest market. While the results of the tests conducted on three of the samples meet the requirements for their labeled claims, PQIA issues Consumer Alerts/Don’t Buys on two. The two samples are branded under names all too familiar to PQIA. One is the Everclear brand ATF. This is the fourteenth time PQIA has issued Consumer Alerts on lubricants marketed under the Everclear brand. Further, this product has been ordered off the shelves in the states of Georgia and North Carolina.

REV360 is the other brand PQIA marked with a Consumer Alert. This brand is also not new to PQIA. Samples of REV360 motor oils (5W-30 and 10W-30) were examined by PQIA in March and December of 2016 and they also received Consumer Alerts.

So take note, these products are on the shelves and they can cause harm to your engine and/or transmissions.

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