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PQIA Examines Three More ATF Samples and Issues an Advisory on One

PQIA examines three more Automatic Transmission Fluids and issues an advisory on one: Xcel Type A.

xcel_atf_typea_front_finishedAdvisory: The front label on Xcel Type A states “Type A Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid”, and the back label states “Type A Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid,” and “A quality Automatic Transmission Fluid recommended for use when Dexron, Mercon, and Ford fluids are not available. This fluid may be used in automatic transmissions and power steering units of automobiles and light trucks manufactured by: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler including European, and Japanese manufacturers.

In fact, TYPE A automatic transmission fluids are OBSOLETE and not recommended for use in any automatic transmissions built after 1957, and therefore clearly not a “Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid.”  In addition, the fluid does NOT meet the specifications for TYPE A ATF.


rpmaximum_atm_dm_front_finished speedway_atf_dm_front_finished xcel_atf_typea_front_finished
 RPMaximum Speedway  Xcel Type A

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  1. I wonder if it’s true that Hondas should only use Honda ATF fluid

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