The Petroleum Quality Institute of America

PQIA Examines Five Deisel Motor Oil Samples

In response to a number of inquiries PQIA received over the past few months about heavy duty engine oils (HDEO), we took a look at HDEOs readily available on retails shelves. The results of the tests conducted on the first group of samples are consistent with their labeled claims. Click bottles below for details.

SAE 10W-30 SAE 15W-40
shellrotellat10w30frontblog chevrondelo400xle10w30frontfinished mobildelvac1300super15w40frontfinished supertech15w40frontfinished mystik15w40frontfinished
Rotella T
Chevron Delo
400 XLE
 Mobil Delvac
1300 Super
 SuperTech Mystik
JT 8

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  1. Would like to see some of the off the shelf 5W40 HDEO which would be used during the winter months for cold weather climates.


  2. The Chevron Delo 400 XLE Synblend is also officially listed in the Mercedes Benz Bevo list for 228.31 Approval, but it doesn’t show it on the label.


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