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Four New Motor Oil Samples Tested

4 Responses

  1. Hi Tom;
    What is going on. When you compare a Group III+,FULL Synthetic,against a couple of SA/SS oils you are leaving the impression that they are in the same class. If you would also suggest pricing differences ,as I have requested in the past,your reader ,and the industry,would make a viable comparison, as I am sure you did not pay same price for those lesser spec lubes,at retail.
    Your work is greatly needed and appreciated,but you might be surprised that you may engender a “Paragym” shift in lube quality for the consumer ,at the point of purchase, who accesses your research. You are aware that they will not get it at the big box store, as none of their staff is trained on lube differences.
    Thanks for listening,I hope.
    Big Al B — Amsoil

  2. Tom; Note the viscosity differences (30 wt./0w20) here?? 0W wt. specs are normally tougher than heavier grades to meet/qualify, low temp, as such. Your own tests show dramatic differences ,lesser than the synthetic, in all areas. Why not compare fully ,with comparison comments also. You are qualified more than any other to do so,with your experience/documentation;i.e; TBN; Volatility; Cold temp rating ?? Where it really counts !!
    Thanks again.

  3. Is the amsoil signature series as good as pennzoil platinum?

  4. Hi Lawrence; All lubes have their features and specifications,but one CAN tell how each performs in extreme temperatures,(-60 F and 500 F ),and in Volatility capability in high temp regimes.(6.5% or (avg) 13.5% loss at hi temp).without any deviation from spec/design.
    Best regards, Al B

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