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Update on February 2nd test results

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  1. Your work has demonstrated dramatically the variance of Quality as well as, how labeling must be a trigger to consumers’ need to be critical of what he installs in his engine.
    Is it not time ,now, to differentiate the so-called “Synthetic” LEVELS of quality?? i.e.; The level of refining fractions which attribute to the synthetic label?? Some are Group II+, others are Group III,and still others,Group III+,as well as the true synthetic Group IV. None are incorrect based on current specifications called for, but your work to inform about about quality,should also include Better quality lubes,and their differences,as that is where the public is being totally bamboozled, it seems to me. This will serve to entrench your work as truly the source of independent appraisal in the entire lube industry,both Bad AND Good.
    Look forward to your reports,as usual, just offering something for your review.
    Big Al B

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