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Spotlight on Synthetics

ScreenHunter_151%20Mar.%2006%2008.52[1]The first round of synthetic motor oils examined by PQIA is brands offered by major oil companies. The results of the tests conducted on each of these brands meet the requirements of an API SN, ILSAC GF-5, SAE 5W-30 engine oil.

Synthetics are typically considered the top line in motor oils. They comprise products formulated with superior base oils (API Group III, and/or polyalphaolefins, esters, and others), and additives. Synthetic motor oils are generally said to provide enhanced engine protection from wear and deposits, longer service intervals, superior high temperature operation and cold-flow properties, improved fuel economy, and other features and benefits.

In addition to major brand products, synthetic engine oils are produced by a number of independent lubricant manufacturers. Test results on some of these brands and others will be made available in future postings on the PQIAblog.


3 Responses

  1. Way to go on testing synthetics PQIA!!!!

    Have a NOAK/% evaporation question on the 6.6% figure posted for Pennzoil Ultra. Pennzoil PDS lists a figure nearly double that number at 11.9-12.6% depending on the multi-viscosity grade. Any idea why the wide disparity????

    • PQIA has confidence in our lab results and we do not know why their PDS differs. It might be best for you to raise this question directly to SOPUS as we have heard there may be more than one PDS for this product in circulation; possibly an issue around revisions.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply Tom.

        Sent an “E” mail to SOPUS but haven’t heard back yet, other to say they received the message.
        As you suggested I did a lot more digging & finally just came up with this May 2012 TDS, that shows Ultra NOACK Much more in line with PQIA numbers.

        5W-30 6.4% with a range of 4.8 – 6.4%. depending on multi-viscosity chosen. Those numbers are impressive.

        So since 3-2010, they must have changed the base oil used & begun to utilize the Gen lll+ PEARL base oils, to have improved NOACK That much!!!!

        The NOACK is important to me, as two of my vehicles suddenly began to consume some oil as soon as I began using the SN recipe of my long used brand, that I’d Never had consumption problems with before. So checking here I confirmed my suspicions that it’s SN recipe NOACK had probably gone up & sure enough it had increased to 15.5% & retested at 15.1% !!!!

        As a result of that, I have been searching for an affordable low NOACK engine lube & now that I seem to have good test confirmation of NOACK, I now have several options to pursue for those two vehicles. Again thanks a bunch for your efforts on All fronts!!!!

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